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Webinar Schedule

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We understand that sometimes, after working with training material, there may be questions that didn't get answered or need clarification. The Q&A webinars are designed to bridge that gap and are recommend for all new start up stores. They are free to any Anthology customer with a current Maintenance Contract. You may attend as often as you like, but "seating" is limited to 5 attendees. * Please note that Anthology reserves the right to change or cancel a scheduled webinar up to 24 hours prior to the published time and date. Webinar Schedule Webinars are held on a fixed, rotating schedule based on the day of the week beginning on Monday and ending on Friday. They are always held at 2PM EST to allow the most convenient times possible for both East and West coast clients to attend.

How can I attend?

For our customers in Implementation, you will be sent an invitation. Simply use the information provided and call in at the scheduled time. The call in number is also listed on the Implementation Training docuement.

Webinar Schedule We host a webinar every Wednesday at 1pm EDT. We ask that you choose a quiet place to minimize background noise.
United States: +1 (571) 317-3122
Access Code: 623-434-413