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Training Videos
DownloadBookfairs 1- Overview and Creating New.wmv
DownloadBookfairs 2- Adding Items.wmv
DownloadBookfairs 3- Checking Out and Sending More.wmv
DownloadBookfairs 4- After Event marking Sales and items not Sold.wmv
DownloadBookfairs 5- Taking Tenders and PayIns.wmv
DownloadBookfairs 6- Wrapping up and extras.wmv
Cash Register
DownloadClosing the Cash Register drawer.wmv
DownloadCR Part 1 Cash Register in 3 min.wmv
DownloadCR Part 2 Cash Register Basics.wmv
DownloadCR Part 3 Cash Register Basics.wmv
DownloadCR Webinar Recording.wmv
Special Orders
DownloadSPO CBO Special Orders Webinar.wmv
Customer Order
DownloadCO Basic Customer Order.wmv
DownloadINV Build Inv-Import External-Custom File.wmv
DownloadINV Entering Non-Book Inventory Part 1.wmv
DownloadINV Entering Non-Book Inventory Part 2.wmv
DownloadINV Entering Non-Book Inventory Part 3.wmv
DownloadINV Webinar Training- Non Book Inventory.wmv
Overstock Returns
DownloadRI Overstock Return Invoice Chp 1- Basic info for decision making.wmv
DownloadRI Overstock Return Invoice Chp 2- Manually Building the Overstock Return Invoice.wmv
DownloadRI Overstock Return Invoice Chp 3- Generating Overstock Return Invoices.wmv
Physical Inventory
DownloadPI Chap1 - Using the Physical Inventory Module Overview.wmv
DownloadPI Chap2 - Preparing to use Portable Rental Scanners in PI.wmv
DownloadPI Chap3 - Creating New Physical Inventories.wmv
DownloadPI Chap4 - Downloading and Posting Scanner Batches.wmv
DownloadPI Chap5 - Doing Manual PI by Handcounting or POS Scanners.wmv
DownloadPI Chap6 - Completing the Physical Inventory.wmv
Purchasing and Receiving
Purchase Order
DownloadPO Purchase Orders in 3 minutes or less.wmv
DownloadVersion 6.5 Purchase Order Webinar Recording.wmv
DownloadVersion 7.4.254 Purchasing Webinar.wmv
DownloadREC Chp 1 Quick Receive- Intro.wmv
DownloadREC Chp 2 Quick Receive- Adding Items.wmv
DownloadREC Chp 3 Quick Receive- Completing.wmv
DownloadVersion 6.5 Receiving Webinar.wmv
DownloadVersion 7.4.254 Receiving Webinar.wmv
Used Books
Download6.5 and older versions- Used Book Webinar.wmv
DownloadVersion 7.4.254 Used Books Webinar.wmv
Xtra Topics
DownloadCOST ModifyCOGS.wmv
DownloadISC Setup.wmv
DownloadMultiselect and Reassign.wmv
DownloadSCHED Setting up Anthology Scheduler.wmv