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' Added 7/25/2018 Download Anthology ShowMyPC Download

The Anthology Customer Zone offers video tutorials, whitepapers, and the latest information about upgrades, webinars, and other news.

' Added 8/3/2018 Visit Anthology Channel on YouTube Visit Our videos have also been placed on Youtube on the "Anthology Channel". You can download a document here to help you find and navigate the site.

Anthology Channel on Youtube.pdf

You can also contact Anthology support directly:

Phone: (800) 819-0095 - using the extensions below.

Extension 104:  Anthology support is available during normal office hours:

  • 9am to 5pm Monday thru Friday EST

Extension 105:  Emergency after-hour pager support hours:

  •  5pm to 9pm Monday thru Friday EST

  • Saturday from 9pm to 9pm

  • Sunday and holidays from 12pm to 8pm except on Thanksgiving, Christmas Day when the pager sevice is suspended to observe these holidays.