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Anthology pioneered the efficient management of multiple store operations with AnthoNet, a complete multi-store solution for users of the original Anthology software. Chain stores across the US used Anthonet's power to maximize margins through consolidated orders, monitor sales information on a daily basis, and allocate inventory throughout their organization.

Today, Anthology Multi-store harnesses the power of the internet to provide the managers of multi-store operations with near real-time information about every aspect of their organization's operations, including sales, receiving, transfers and purchasing. Anthology Multi-store lets you:

  • Allow stores to quickly and easily see what is on hand at other stores and request transfers as needed.
  •  Create consolidated purchase orders for either drop shipment to the stores of centralized receiving and transshipment.
  •  Allow store managers to upload requests and suggested purchase orders.
  •  Get near "real-time" information about all store activities on screen or in reports.
  •  Quickly and easily move merchandise among stores to where it's needed.
  •  Reduce duplicate effort and mistakes through centralized data entry.
  •  And much more...
    • Whether your organization has 2 stores or 100, MSV is your multi-store solution for book selling in the 21st century.
    •  For more information or a complete demonstration of Anthology Multi-store, please contact Anthology Sales link to Sales page.
To learn more about the special and unique features of Anthology, please see our pdf booklet "Anthology: Features and Functionality"