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With Anthology Private Cloud, a low startup fee and affordable monthly payments make starting a new store or upgrading an existing one fast, easy, and affordable.

Purchasing a traditional Anthology license outright can be a big investment for many startups. Adding the cost of purchasing new computers and setting up an internal LAN network in your store makes the threshold even higher. Existing stores with aging hardware and networks can also face challenges in bringing their systems up to date or replacing failing servers. The solution? Anthology Private Cloud.

With Anthology Private Cloud, you have all the benefits of Cloud technology: the ability to work from anywhere with a good internet connection; the ability to use not just Windows computers but also Macs, iPads, and similar devices;* and freedom from maintaining an expensive server and complex network. At the same time, you have the security and robust performance of keeping your data and server in-house, not in some remote data center. For details, contact Anthology Sales.

*Note:  Some restrictions apply with Mac computers and iPads, especially with POS hardware.

To learn more about the special and unique features of Anthology, please see our pdf booklet "Anthology: Features and Functionality"